Hand crafted leather accessories and presents


When I first got interested in leathercrafting back in 2013-th it didn't take long to find out how rewarding it is. Leathercrafting combines working with your hands, engaging your mind, and using your creativity to transform a smooth, flat, unadorned cowhide into a decorated three-dimensional piece of practical art. The process can be quite tedious but it brings so much joy to see the work progressing.

As you work with leather, you quickly discover that practice leads to perfection and experimentation results in excellence. With time your technique improves, you try new ways of working your projects, invent tooling designs that are different from what you saw so far in the marketplace, and eventually you come up with your own style.

Your handmade leather goods become greatly appreciated gifts. And, because they last for decades if well cared for, they often become treasured family heirlooms.

I truely hope you'll find as much pleasure in having and using my products as I do in making them for you!